Upcoming changes

As you may be aware, over the last 10 months, there have been a number of changes at The Black Ant. We’re aware of the inconsistency, we’ve been busy testing out different offerings to determine the best option for both the community and the business. We appreciate your patience as we’ve made these changes, and we understand it’s been a disjointed time. We’ve taken all of your feedback on board, and we hope that this next stage will be a welcome one. 

We’re excited to let you know that we’re going to be refocusing our operations, and reopening as a bakery, whilst also developing a well stocked deli style shop. We’re confident that Kirsty’s pastries are the best in the Hinterland, and if you’ve tried one of her homemade pies or pain au chocolat we're sure you’ll agree! It wouldn’t be a bakery without bread, so Richard will continue to bake a wide selection of homemade sourdough loaves - including gluten free alternatives. Daily sandwiches and focaccias will be available as well, made fresh each day. We’re proud to have such amazing pastries and breads being made in Kin Kin and we hope that you are too.

In addition to the bakery, we will also be developing a deli shop, providing the local community with various take home, homemade produce - including butter, gelato, sausages, pickles, relishes and pies. All made from scratch, using high quality ingredients - and free from the artificial enhancements you’ll find elsewhere. Plus, there will still be staples like local eggs, local fruit and vegetables and Maleny Dairies milk. The shop will continue to grow as we do, with more products becoming available in time. We’ve heard your requests for a general store, and we’re excited to be bringing this amenity to Kin Kin.

Black Ant

56 Main Street, Kin Kin, Queensland 4571