Sample deli lunch menu

Wed - Sun, 11am - 2.30pm

The Black Ant deli lunch consists of fresh salads, smoked meats, sandwiches and a range of accompaniments that are all displayed in our Deli line.

We source a range of local, seasonal and fresh produce to make all our products, allowing us to create new experiences every time you return. All of these items are independent of each other, therefore you can choose just one or all three to create your own meal.

When ordering your deli lunch, you have the following options, or a combination of all:

  1. Choose a protein for $10
  2. Choose salad for $12 (up to 3 of the available salads)
  3. Choose accompaniments for $5 (up to 3 of the mezze available)

Black Ant

56 Main Street, Kin Kin, Queensland 4571